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Air Fresheners

 The original Boilie Air Freshener from Camo Carpers

always a fishermans favourite!

Air Freshener

'Boilie' Refills

Try a different 'flavour' Boilie on your rig with these Refills.

Air Freshener

Booster Oils

 Love the 'flavour' you bought but want to refresh the fragrance, dip your Boilies in our Booster Oils.

Camo Carpers

'CAMO' Apparel

 NEW to Camo Carpers. Love the Air Freshener? Get the clothing from our introductory range of items.

The Air Freshener Rig that keeps on giving...

 Keep the rig and swap the 'Boilie' for a different 'flavour', you can also refresh 'flavours' by dipping your 'Boilie' in our Booster Oils. Buy one rig and get all the range in refills to experience the full range of 'flavours' TODAY!

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Courtesy of Hassan Khan @Angling Direct

 Air-freshener Review

“Got one on my car (pineapple) smells lush and looks the part. You even have to use a baiting needle to change refill.”




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